Thursday, January 31, 2008


You could call some days happy, some sad, some even in-between.


For me, today has been a messy day, till now.


After breakfast, I decided to have a lime & mint juice, and somehow manage to feed my salwar too.


For the afternoon lunch, the soup I had was coriander & garlic soup. I am this person who cannot talk without gesticulations. I was rattling a lot of non-sense to Vidya, my team-mate and friend, while having soup.

No prizes for guessing, I spilt the soup all over my salwar and some on Vidya’s too. Yikes. Before you start wondering what a messy person I am, I usually concentrate on my food religiously, not letting go off even one morsel’s taste away. I love eating tasty food, and consciously enjoy the gustatory sensations they transmit.


Now here I am, smelling of a combination of Eva Deo + Archies Chill! Perfume + lime + mint + coriander + garlic.


God bless my cubicle-mates.


Ghost Particle said...

classic! :D

AruneM said...

" Eva Deo + Archies Chill! Perfume + lime + mint + coriander + garlic."

ehh..well that could be a pretty appealing fragrance to a glutton !

Archana said...

haha!! sooper i could see another messy person like. I'm also very garulous anf do make a lot of gestures while speaking.

alpine path said...

Woah!! What a fragrance :D Uniquely yours :) Btw, great post!!

Beautiful Mind said...

Breakfastkku Lime and mint juice, Lunchkku Soupa..ungae Salwarkku Coffee sapdra pazhagam illayae..:-)

Sathish said...

mmm... :) enjoy

Karun said...

Unique !!! Waiting for your next post :-). Its been very long time you blogged last :-)

My Musings said...

Hello Divya
HAve tagged you, do please write on this when you find time,

Sathya said...

Where are u lady???

Antony raj francis.k said...

nice blog! i would love to link to your blog.

Vinay said...

Good one...


Prabhu Aryan said... you find a new flavor :-)

Ramesh said...

So you stopped blogging? You are a very good writer you know?

Divya.B said...

Ghost Particle>> Of course!

AruneM>> You are the glutton, you tell!

Archana>> Good good, nice to see more of the same breed:)

alpine path>> Probably I should patent it, what say?

Beautiful Mind>> :)

Sathish>> :) again

Karun>> Well, a new post just out of the press is ready now:)

My Musings>> Uh, I am little late to be doing that, ain't I? Thanks for dropping by!

Sathya>> You know now!

Antony raj francis.k>> Thanks, sure, go ahead.

Vinay>> Danke!

Prabhu Aryan>> Absolutely!

Ramesh>> Thank you, I have started blogging back again!