Friday, December 19, 2008

What a year!

Hi folks,

After my starting to blog, this is the longest hiatus I've taken, not without reasons though.

Lots of changes in life this year and they gave me a hands full.

Used to be in India. Not anymore.
Used to be working. Not anymore.
Used to be single. Not anymore.

In a span of 20 days in July, I got married(to my best friend), quit my job, moved to another country and started going to school for my Masters studies.

So, you see, I had little time for everything else.

Initially, I started blogging to share/record my experiences, ramble about any random feeling I might go through, just to yap any sense/nonsense. But now that I have my hubby to whom I do all these things to, blogging has not been so very necessary for the same purposes in the recent past.

But I do want to keep writing. Maybe with a different flavor. Here's a hi5 to my restarting blogging!


Ramesh said...

Congrats! Good Luck! I presume you are in USA. Where in? I will be visiting Washington DC area in April/May to visit my sisters family.

You know that I blog in Tamil/English right?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Your current status(es) have changed dramatically. (Congrats!)

But the rate at which you encounter varied situations in daily life does not change.

Nor does your unique way of understanding those experiences.

So there is no reason to suppress the rare ability and opportunity to share them with the rest of the earthlings.

Majullah Divya !

b a l a j i said...

Congrats on ur wedding and all the best for ur masters degree

alpine path said...

Welcome back :) Waiting to hear more about Singapore and your experience in Masters

Divya said...

Ramesh>> Thank you. No, not the US, I am in the east. I thought of checking out your blog, but saw a big list of blogs you write, was confused what to read, and ended up reading nothing!

Anon>> Thanks. What you say makes sense. Lemme see. Majullah Divya? Too much, I say!

Balaji>> Thank you!

Harini>> Sure, I guess that'll all come out now:-)

The Seeker said...

Hello!!! indeed a great long hiatus.. U remember me,, MY Musings, Who tagged you,,,, Checked your blog after a long time, indeed at regular intervals,, thought u were on a exile... jus kidding..

And Congrats on getting married, on joining a masters degree,, and good luck.. take care!!!

Anonymous said...

Ur blog took thirty precious minutes of my office work....that should be a compliment...
i too had worked in singapore...that is a nice place...but it cannot match coimbatore..looking for more blogs...