Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Random ramblings

1. Been shuttling between Coimbatore and Bangalore like crazy. I think I 'll get something called train lag one of these days.

2. Finally saw Sivaji. RajniKanth should consider retiring, or at least not pair up with heroines as young as his daughters or even younger. And the movie stole my 'cool'. Yeh, I am someone who uses cool in every other sentence. Once when a friend of mine told me that her father was ill, I replied 'cool' and cursed myself for that for a week.

3. It's raining crazy in Coimbatore. And it brought me a gift - what else, common cold.

4. Diwali is day after tomorrow. Bangalore sucks, absolutely no crackers and the place is QUIET. And added to that I am home alone. House-mates are gone on their vacations. I'll be going to Cbe tomorrow and reach early morning on Diwali, right in time for a Ganga snaanam.

5. It seems mom has made all my favourite Diwali savouries and those being Murukku, Ribbon Pakoda, Adhirasam, Cashew cake, Halwa, Gulab Jamun. Waiting!!!

6. Just discovered that maintaing a wedding website is getting popular, visited a few '' kinda websites, and they were cool!

7. An interesting thing I did last weekend was to read "Garuda Puranam". Yeah, the same one that is referred to in Anniyan. An intriguing book. It got me thinking into what are all the paavams and punniyams(good and bad deeds) I have done and that caught me confused.

8. Work is getting interesting after quite some time.

9. Met sissy after 2 full months.

10. Am yearning for an opportunity to wield the camera, and shoot some shots(another episode of misadventures?). Should do that.

11. Something I started all by myself a few months back, looms large in front of me asking some soul searching questions, and I am digging to find the answers.


Sathya said...

Laughing falling all over the place reading point 2 :))


Ram said...

garuda puranam is not to be read in any place, it shud be read only in a funeral


AruneM said...

The joys of mild humour !
2) cool ! lol ..!
4) Same reason why i escaped to Langkawi
5) Ribbon pakoda ????
7) in a funeral, anyway the deceased cannot read the contents, so is it better to know it beforehand ?
10) jus go ahead with it, while forgetting the 11 !

Karun said...

Your point no two is funny. Its hard even to image the girl's (the reciver of your 'cool' comment) feeling at that time.

Work is never enjoyable :-). Do the work in your style (with loads of fun and laughter, music, coffee etc). Since all companies have flexible timings, work at your favorite time. These are the few things which makes work enjoyable. (Referring to your point no: 8)