Monday, October 22, 2007

Kannada songs!

Never did I think I would be hooked on to Kannada songs. I was never exposed to Kannada songs for the first 21 years of my life, despite that being the language of a neighboring state. But I have heard quite a few Malayalam and Telugu songs, which are also from neighboring states.

Well, there are some Kannada songs, recent ones, which are so so so nice. The list:

1. Mungaaru Maleye - Mungaaru Male
2. Anisuthidhe - Mungaaru Male
3. Araluthiru - Mungaaru Male
4. Yeno On tharaah - Hudugaata
5. Ninnindale - Milana

Somebody please pull the song #5 out of my head now!


abilash said...

Come onn u mus be jokin .. u stole all that from mee.. I neva used ta hear Kannada songs .. the last one Ninindalae.... (i asked a guy from blore abt this song .. i neva knew the film.. i just said .. a dark guy and pretty lady..n there he jus gave me the name.. i hear it in an out.. thou am still guessin with the meaning )

shiva said...

Yes, these five are still repeatedly played in any FM station. They are good though!

Anonymous said...

I was never exposed to Kannada songs for the first 26 years of my life...But now I find listening to the same list you have mentioned every once in a while..

Usha said...

Common Divya, tell me.. all these songs were played in FM during your travel to office in ITPB bus right.... I too have heard these songs... thanks for reflashing these songs.. Its long time I heard these songs....

Usha Muthu