Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Operation 'Garbage Disposal'

I and three of my friends, who were my classmates, who are also my colleagues live under one roof since last December.

In the beginning, every house keeping job was done so enthusiastically and regularly by all the four of us. And then you know what follows, 'dailies' became 'weeklies', and 'weeklies' became 'monthlies'.

Previously we used to dispose our garbage daily. Now the frequency is like, once in 3-4 days. But somehow, this time, the gap got wider, a little over 1 week. Oh no, we are not insensitive, it was just that whenever the garbage covers were filled, we'd tie them and put in an alcove in the kitchen. Tonight I thought I'll collect all the garbage and place it near the door, so that we can dispose it off, the first thing in the morning.

I have to tell you that the fruits consumption in our house is enormous. Most of our garbage is composed of skins of Bananas, oranges, sweet limes, and seed chambers of pomes.

And we know what happens when these are left to rot for a week. Putrescence, of course. I just couldn't bear the odour, and was like, "Yuck, yikes, chee", hearing these sounds, Ramya came to the kitchen to see what was going on, and she too joined in the operation "Garbage disposal". We counted 5 garbage bags, and around two of them were the most odoriferous. And it was beyond the tolerance levels of our olfactory systems. I am wondering how we did not get asphyxiated. So we wrapped towels and dupattas around our faces, much like some terrorists.

We succeded in putting the garbage covers in bigger bags for disposal. But still, we could see that the place was smelling like a compost pit. The time was past 12:00 midnight, and we can put them away only tomorrow morning, but no, both of us did not want anything to do with the noisome stench again next morning, but anyway we will have to carry them out. So we decided we'll perfume the garbage bags.

I brought in my ZeroOne and she brought in her Lomani(which she bought from Paris, no less!) to perfume our garbage. There we were, Ramya and I, in our terrorist face masks, at 12:00 in the midnight perfuming our garbage bags! I wish someone had taken pictures of the sight! Now, that place where we have put those bags smells exotic with a fragrance very desirable!

Now we both know, we'll dispose off the garbage DAILY. YEah, we mean DAILY.


abilash said...

hey that was a good one .. well i never read thur .. thou i did for this one cos .. u ppl end up doin wat i did ... :) im not a blogger... hardly rite .. well im not sure if i will ever pass this way..ny ways nice one ...

Viswanath said...

Lomani , I used to spray all over me it when i was a kid ..

Its now used to spray on garbage..chichi chichi chi...