Friday, February 16, 2007

Finally, I got something to blog on!! - Part II

Hi all,

Some 6 months back, I had blogged on my favourite romantic somgs. Time to update, or to add a few more..:

->Iru vizhi unadhe - 'Minnale' - but the sadness in the song is stirring
->Nee paartha paarvaikku oru nandri - 'Hey Ram' - Sensual
->Aathangarai marame - 'Kizhakku Cheemayile' - The pep in this song is unmatchable, usually romantic songs are melodious, this one is not of that genre, but still very romantic
->Pennalla pennalla oodha poo - 'Uzhavan' - NO guy can really feel and sing about his girl so much as being sung in this song.

Nice songs indeed!


AruneM said...

Aathangara marame..i instantly the sound of flowing water that comes in between. perfect example of a feel-good song.

Arunachalam said...

Hi Divya :

You should add the following melodies here :

"Kattril varum geethame, nee kannanai arivayo" - *ing

"Kattrin mozhi" from "Moshi" - particularly the male voice.

Both are superb and make me sing along everytime I hear them. Ketka Ketka ennai manadhai varudum paadalgal ivai...

loku said...

quite a list had some of my fave songs.

wud hv lookd bettr with narumugaye frm iruvar

ARR is God