Thursday, November 23, 2006

A rainy day, some buds and leaves.

I hate to start again with this infamous dialogue of mine,"It's been
long since I blogged".
I have a feeling I have used the above sentence previously:-) Never
My latest digital acquisition has been a digicam, and you know what
follows, a series of misadventures with the new machine.
Precisely, I too followed the ritual. And I present before thee, my
fellow bloggers, the results of my misadventures.
Well, seriously, I think its not all that bad for a greenhorn.
And people, do any of you know any website, that gives proper tutorials
on photography. There are lots, if you google. BUt then, any
comprehensive and sensible site?
Hey guys, you know what, already a couple of my friends have the photos
that I took, as their desktop wallpapers:-)
But, miles to go.
IN my workplace, blogspot is firewalled:-(
So it isnt very easy for me to catch up on your blogs, next time when I
get to read you blogs, please do have the "Subscribe for posts" option
on, so I'll get them in my mailbox. And thanks for that in advance!
Am right now, enjoying new place, new people, new found interests(I
never used to listen to mumsic seriously, meaning, I would have some
favourites, and never experiment beyond that, ,but me been exploring in
that direction too, photography(which I think I'll positively continue,
and thanks to my senior and good friend Arun, for instilling that
interest in me))
Noticed that religious double closing of braces??? *sigh* software
instincts :-)

Over to the much awaited pictures:

Last weekend, I had been to my hometown, Coimbatore. It rained, but not
cats and dogs, ,but really pleasant and incessant rain. The evening,
when it stopped raining for a while, I went out to terrace garden to get
these shots.
A budding Jasmine

A dementor flying away

Earth's casuals

My favourite


AruneM said...

Earth's casuals is my fav.. very very simple, looks like some motif for tshirt/ pattern tile.. the way the leaves in each corner of the pic, and the way they are cropped is nice..and ofcourse the raindrops..
the centre leaf could hav been in better focus..

ungal pugaippadakkalai payanum thodara engal vaazhththukkal..!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Divya to me the drops on leaves seem to be sprayed not as rained.But the colours are striking.Cool Photos..Zivam

Bhavna Neel said...

hey div.. really refreshing pics..
nice ones..

dj said...

hey div !!!
came to ur blog after a realllly long time. total photographing happening eh !
wat camera u got in the end?
i like the GREEN of the very first pic :-) really cool.

Ghost Particle said...

u there?

i have a contest up at my blog. Hope you could take up the challenge.

Ram said...

Nice pics, esp the colors have come gud. BTW what is that camera model and config, am planning to buy one.

Yuva said...

good fotos..

did you know has photographer group/clubs, where you could share & learn experiences..!?

browser thru when timepermits -

alpine path said...

Hi Divya, great post and cool pics yaar! I never knew that there was a budding photographer in u :) Keep it up!

arun [ The one] said...

Great fotos.. ever been to this blogsite.. if not try this one when time permits..

and this guy is great...

as for me, i like the angle and camera postion of earth casuals.. but if you had had the same angle for the 4 th one too, it wud have looked better..

The point of focus shud have been the water drops and not the leaves for the 4th one

januM said...

awesome pics! great goin buddy :)

Anil P said...

For someone who got a cam recently you've done well except for Earth's casuals which came out blurred in the foreground. Keep going.

barbi said...

good article. those potos..
copyrighted ???

Arjun.C.N said...

Nice ones for a rookie!!! Photography is art. Its got to come out thro trials n errors. Going to some place for learning will limit ur ideas.

Try using all the options on ur cam first. Read the manual upside down. U'll get a lot of ideas there. Try improvising on it.

Good luck...

Sasi Kumar said...


Ghost Particle said...

beautiful snap...feels like seing it everyday!'