Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Family Consensus?

Hi all
Thanks for all your suggestions for the previous post.
Yesterday was election in TN. I pushed that big blue button, And whoa I performed my Democratic duty!!

Afterwards, it was all 'whom did you vote for?' talk among us friends.

Me: I voted for X
Friend: I voted for Y
Me: Oh, cool, my dad voted for Y too.
Friend: Oops, how come..no unity in your family or what?
Me: Oh please, If you want more, my mom voted for Z.
Friend: Oh...

So tell me guys, is it necessary to support a party as a family? Isn't it an independent decision..I always thought so, and will continue to think so.


krk said...

Nalla dhoru kudumbam oru palgalai kalagam... So obviously there will be many departments with various courses and interests...so ...its individual right to exercise their individual rights and i feel thats democracy...

KD said...

Div, whom might this X be? I guess you have told this already.

I did not even get might Voter's card :-(( Guess they would have feared that if I vote, there might be a revolution ;-)

Known Stranger said...

do you know in my friends family

Her father is powerful local leader of AIDMK

Her uncle ( fathers brother ) and his wife are prominent candidadte even for contensting the election from opposite party

Her brother is a memeber of AIDMK

She is a member of DMK.

her fiancee is a member of PMK

her fiancee's father is a strong congress man

her fiancee's grandfather was a 3 time MLA from congress and her fiancee's uncle was 2 time MP on behalf of congress.

What is their a unity in diversity.

Ram said...

Individuality is needed everywhere. thalaivar Rajiniye yaaruku vote podrennu public aa solraar, neega maraichitengale? :)

Bhavna Neel said...

yeah u right man.. obv its got to b ind decision .

Divya.B said...

KRK>>thats a cool analogy!

KD>>Hmm...X? Guess baby..U have a good probability of finding..1/2:-)

Divya.B said...

known stranger>>Woof..thats one helluva unity in diversity


Bhav>>I go with u!

Thiyagarajandhayalan said...

i think its individual decision.
but we(most of the tamil people)
have the habit of voting as a family.

Known Stranger said...

and unfortunate in the family - none got elected in election. pathetic.