Sunday, April 16, 2006

Too much?

Flash back...

November 2004..

Divya,a sophomore in an Engg College, starts blogging. She starts writing stuff about her college life, the funny incidents, some nice forwards. She is content with just posting. She doesn't read much blogs. To be precise she reads only one blog, which inspired her to start her own. And she doesn't expect anyone to read her blog. And no one used to visit too, the reason being there wouldn't be anything interesting or enlightening.

Forward 2004>>2005

She writes about stuff she thinks, feels and some more reminiscences.Inspires a couple of friends to start blogs. Slowly discovers a lot of interesting blogs, gets to know about lots of html add ons and cool stuff she can put on her blog. Eventually she finds a tool called blogrolling and adds all those blogs she finds interesting and would regularly read. Slowly, her blog's readership increased. She gets tagged. She is happy to be noticed. She gets some nice blogger friends.

Forward 2005>>2006

She starts to feel she has put a lot of personal stuff on her blog. Her friends help her realize that, especially 3 of her close friends. So she deletes all those posts. The HTML add ons, which, once she considered cool, now felt like time gobblers in downloading the page, so she takes off all those extra fittings(A blog needs to be just a blog, a lotta extra fittings do irritate)

Forward NOW

Hasn't my blog gone through a cycle? Is this what is called "oru round varradhu"?

Ok, So no more personal posts (this is the INTERNET)
no more funny reminiscences(Inside jokes got to be inside)
I am not a tech freak to write about all latest tech stuff(excited about latest nano iPod? nah..not me)
politics is a strict no-no(i have political views, so..why should i start heated discussions? and in the process turn friends to foes?)
I dont write poetry(Tried writing when i was in 8th std, realized i was a no-natural)
There are news sites to get the up to date stories.(News sites or horror portals?)
No more college cribbings, cos, 5 more days is exactly till when I'll be in college(Finally an Engineer, I am:-))
Of course i cant write about my job(SHshhhh! confidential!!)
No tags..(they make you look like an open book, i.e. if you decide to fill the tag truthfully, not if you make it a fun tag)



I am in a deliberation phase...Will let you all know when i am through the thinking..:-)

options I am considering:
shut down the blog, and just read other blogs?
Shut this one down and start a new blog, of a different and a purposeful outlook?
Just change the theme of this one? If so , how?


The optimist from utopia said...

yay!! me first.. will read the post and comment later.. :D

Sathish said...

Should we do all things in our life only on purpose?? ... Good analysis...

Sathish said...

and the blog that inspired u to0 is missing...

Vivek said...

well,even i am goin thro the same phase..tho ur a veteran n am,a novice..but really confused abt wat 2 blog n wat not to!but plz dont shut down ur blog..ther r bloggers who work n blog too...lyk ganga,deepa,etc...i am sure u wud fine time b/w ur "heavy" schedule 2 keep blogging...plz do blog :)

susubala said...

Hai...dont stop blogging ! You've been in my blog roll long time since.

கொங்கு ராசா said...

blog with purpose..?? do u think we all do this.. romba serious'a yosikkama, write something.. just like that.. u may strike ur chord as time moves..

dont ask me if i have struck my chord.. ;)

Gopalan Ramasubbu said...

Good piece of information for new blogers like me:)

Bhavna Neel said...

dude .
Really simple..
Just wheever u type a blog .. just make up ur mind what ya wanna keep confidential and what not.. what u wanna keep to yaself and what u dont mind ppl knowing !.. Definitely no pics of ya self .. yup i guess thats abt it. U gotta b decisive in nature .
N hey . there are tons and millions of things to write abt . Write abt something that interests u . something that u feel ppl shud know abt . really .. dude !! u shudnt b asking this question ... common !!! shutting down the blog is the last thing u must think abt .. n hey .. i guess ur always welcome to begin a new one..

The optimist from utopia said...

Greetings to genghis khan.. :P
I also face/d the same problem.. Sometimes it is very important to define purpose for anything.
I've also made the transition from a personal blogger to being a blogger with some arbit posts..
I guess all you need is a break.. and then u can come back with all guns blazing :D
And all the best at the new workplace.. *two thumbs up*

PS: Is this the same reason why you got a new orkut a/c? :-??

Anonymous said...

hey div..
a blog is something..where u post ur opinions..ur ideas..ur thoughts..something like ur online diary...but see to that u don`t post ur personal things...just because u had tried a couple of things in blog..doesn`t mean..u should blogging..refine ur content...I am telling u this because ..blogs are one of the ways to xpress ur thoughts..u start getting comunicative as days pass by...

Anonymous said...
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Ramesh Nair said...


I have been following ur blog for quite sometime now. The changes that u mentioned u did were quite obvious - even changing the templates. No, I don't feel u need to shut ur blog down. Content, yes, maybe u can go for a change. Maybe try writing about whatever you see around you that needs a change. It could be anything from traffic rules to general human behaviours. I am sure that will give a totally new look to your blog.

Gangadhar said...

Dat's a nice introspection,Divya..
and you're right..writing personal stuff is not recommended...Me too very rarely write about personal things..But if u closely observe my can find some solution to your present condition..

Hope everything's going gud for you..

take care

KD said...

I believe this is one of the ways to express your thoughts/views. If not here, then your ability at penning your thoughts will slowly wither and finally disappear. Look back. Compare your first few posts to the latest few... Haven't you come miles from where you were. It would be good to know what you are doing down there... If you are shutting this one down, do start another one :)

Kasi said...

Blog is ur window to the world. Keep continuing in putting down ur thoughts, opinions and creative writing while maintaing the degree of ur privacy and personal concerns. And hey, its a blog and u do have the liberty and space of working ur intellect!

dj said...

hey div...
al of us (ur friends) can keep in touch with u wherever we are thru ur blog... some 10 yrs down the lane, i cud jus regularly chk ur blog to find out wat thots are on ur mind (not necessarily personal).. so don't quit as yet! :( pl...

Jagan said...

:-) ...

Nahuatl said...

my reasons r different frm urs..... but i discontinued my blog some time back.
came here to let u know since u still have an old link.. even though u rarely visited it :)
hope u doing great.
Have a great time! All the best!
Nayan (old url:

Sundar Narayanan said...

well, you could blog about anything interesting that you come across in your daily life !!

congrats on getting your degree !!

and congrats on the job ..

blogging as a student may be a lot easier than blogging after you are employed.. finding time will be difficult.

good luck, no matter what you decide..


Known Stranger said...

wow.. a impressive post with a recap.

Divya.B said...

Hiii All..
Thanks a lot for all your suggestions..
All your comments encourage to go further in to the blogosphere..

vamsi said...

Hmmm...nice post..I have been thinking 'how i shud come back to blogging'...some how u inspired me:D....Keep writing blogs like this blog only...hahahah