Friday, November 25, 2005

Funny incident #2

Date: sometime in mid 2004
Time; Lunch time
Venue: Hotel Saravana Bhavan, Anna Nagar, Chennai
Occasiion: Class Industrial Visit

Me, Ms.Y and a coupla others shared the same table in the restaurant. All of us were having meals. And I finished eating first, and after i came back to my table after washing my hands, I found that there was a glass of watermelon juice on my table in front of my chair...I thought, perhaps, every meals was complemented by a juice and I happily drank that...When Ms.Y finihed her lunch, she was waiting for her watermelon juice, and alas it never came, when she enquired about this to a bearer, he said,"oh madam, you need to get a tocken for the juice from the counter paying Rs.40..."...We were kinda taken aback as in how was I served when I hadn't ordered. Before we could clarify, we were rushed up to get into the bus so that we would reach the industry on the appointed time...In the bus, one Mr.X asks Ms.Y, "How was the watermelon juice?"...OOOOooohhhh, so thats the story. Mr.X ordered a juice for Ms.Y and asked the bearer to take it to our table and serve it to the girl there, and that bearer, finding that the table was free only in front of me, placed it in front of me and I drank that happily..:-) when this story was realized, I really dont know who was the laughing stock....

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