Monday, November 28, 2005


Hi all..
Two hectic days of conducting mock interviews for our juniors...
Was a good experience...
I studied in one of those schools, whose students are branded, "convent educated", which is considered a prestigious tag here.
I love the hymns that we sang during the general assembly every morning. Some lines of certain hymns are my all-time-favourites. I'd give them here. I like the third one very very much.

#1Count your blessings:
Count your blessings; name them one by one
Count your blessings; see what God hath done
Count your blessings;name them one by one
And it will surprise you what the lord has done.

There are those who have talents they do not use
To build a true community.
And we know that we all have the talent to love
But leave it burried in ourselves.

#3:in his time
There's a time
There's a time
Both for sowing and for reaping, there's a time
Time for losing, time for gain
Time for joy and time for pain
Every purpose under heaven
Has a time

There's a time
There are days
Weeks and months we cannot understand god's ways
If for years we fail to scan what is his eternal plan
We'll remember that he can all the time

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