Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A Classmate's wedding

Hi all...
I was not in the town for the past two days...went to Salem for my classmate's wedding.
Oh wow...that was nice...the first wedding in our class...
We went day before yesterday by intercity express to Salem and spent the night at Mehala's house.Mehala is also a classmate of mine from Salem. Her mom was amazing in entertaining us, that too with 8 guests. Hospitality and tamilians are always synonymous.
And then the next morning, Parveen's wedding. She married her first cousin Nazeer Ahamed.This was the first ever time I attended a Muslim wedding. The rituals took like less than an hour. The groom was in the hall and the bride was in another hall upstairs when they got married!!! Then some men (I guess they were godmen from mosque) went to both places with a register and got signatures from both the bride and the groom. And then some recitations from the holy text of Quran. I guess that meant the declaration of the wedding, then they showered buiscuits and chocolates on the groom, and all men in the hall went and greeted the groom with a hug.
We went upstairs and greeted Parveen.
Non-vegetarian people had a sumptous mutton biriyani and mutton fry, and i dont know what else...We, the vegetarian people had a regular Tamilnadu three course meal with desserts.
It's long time since i went to a wedding, usually I've been to receptions a lot. But weddings, only of very close friends and relatives.
I plan to write about how a hindu wedding goes about shortly. Three days of pure fun and grandeur. Whatever said and done, a marraige is a joyous event.
Until next post Byee.

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