Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A travelogue

Hi all,
Well, I had one great weekend, at Bangalore.
Went there on official purpose, which was a success.
Then had two days of absolute fun and shopping spree.
Okie, now to the full account of my visit to B'lore:

Got up at 3, and went to Coimbatore city junction by 4:45, picking up Ramya, Sumedha and Kruthika on the way. All together, 9 of us went.
Sandwich guys were already there.
Boarded the lokmanya Tilak Kurla express. We chatted all the while in the train. Had lots of fun. The guys taught us how to play "5 cards" and we all(9 of us) played that for like 3 hours...and guess what I was the grand loser in the game to cross 300 pts first....hehe...great going..(actually that was due to my early loses when I hadn't yet caught the game's nuances properly..)
Reached Bangalore at 1:15pm, a good 45 min late.My uncle had come to pick us up.
Had lunch at Swati palace.
Took a bus to ITPL, and man, what a traffic jam out there, all due to numerous fly-overs being built in the city.
Landed at ITPL at around 4:50 , 20 min well behind the schedule. Had the meeting, went on great. Looked around the place. A cool place to work in.Boy, was I just awe-struck..
Then went to a crampy place called kalasipalya to send off Ram, Sume and MK.
Reached my uncle's house around 11:45 pm. And had a yummy Puri with green peas masala my aunt had made, and we called it a day.

Enjoyed to the fullest with my cousins, Namita and kartik, who are in 5th and 2nd std respectively.
They are crazy of me and Priya, and we are even more crazier of them.
Went to Bangalore central and Garuda Mall...Cool places...but the thing was I could only window shop..:-)
Neway bought some stuff...reached home late.

Okie, today was also almost as same as yesterday, only that the places I visited was Big bazaar and The Forum.
Had my aunt's tasty vegetable biriyani.

Happy independence day...
Caught 6:15 intercity express and reached Coimbatore at around 1:30. Haa, felt great to be back to home sweet home. Grubbed my mom's mouth-watering dish of mushroom biriyani. Dad and mom felt lonely without us, it seems.

Well, this is my little travelogue(I really doubt it'll pass as one though).

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