Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Tough proportions

Well, this is a separate post about my train journey, because I was disturbed by something that I decided to write about it exclusively.
We were playing cards, when suddenly we could hear some clapping sounds from adjacent cabins, and whiz...our friends(only the guys) just quickly put their cards down, and ran off. I was just clueless. Then came the person into our cabin clapping all the way. Then I realized (s)he was a eunuch. But still clueless why our guys would run off like that.
When I noticed her (Let me use the female nouns and pronouns), she was going to cabin after cabin, literally marauding the men and managing to frisk away money from them. And she din't even turn to the side of women or old people. The victims were only men, young and middle aged. And when men refused to part with money, she threw obscenities at them and did some lewd gestures, disgusting enough that men just threw away their money, hoping she would just leave. What happened was, at a regular interval of about 45 min, a different eunuch kept coming, much to the horror of men.
Ok, now I realize why our friends ran away like that.
This was the first ever time I had seen such a bizarre thing happening.Boy was it frightening, to see people helpless.
It was disgusting. I was thinking like, what, dont we even have the freedom to travel in a train peacefully? Can't anyone do anything about it?
But as an after thought, when I think why would these people do this...a disgusting form of pilfering...bringing themselves down with their damnable actions, ditching their dignity and self-respect, i come to realize that they have no other go, perhaps.
Had the society given them their rightful claim to a normal life, would they not have resorted to such an abject plight?
Yes, they are different, very much indeed. So whats the big deal? Have we not sophisticated ourselves to call handicapped people as differently-abled or specially-abled? So why don't we accept these people too...
Of course, nothing can change over night. But still we can take steps. Steps in the sense, we've heard of women and men self help groups, why not for these differently created ones too? I guess(only guess) that they would not be accepted into normal governmental services with ease. So I think some measures can be taken by the government to educate and induct them into the society gradually so that they dont bask in a separate identity and lead a miserable life. I am just putting forth my views, maybe they can't(won't) mingle with the society, i don't know.
OK, so long then...


zane919forest said...
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AruneM said...

Sense and sensitivity.

Anonymous said...

Dont u think it has become irreparable now.. I have been wondering.. do such people exist outside India....