Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My Experiments with Life

Now guys,
What I meant about the relationship between Dominique and Roark being perfect is the kind of understanding they have and the "birds of same feather" intimacy. My emphasis was on the inner harmony these people enjoyed. I did not take into account their ethics, who married who, etc, which was not my motive in the dissertation(??chumma, never mind).
Nevertheless, When you take the physical person Dominique is and her marital fickleness, she is a ......hmm...let me preserve the dignity of my blog.
Hi Sathya, that is a relationship better ought not to be, I agree to that when i look at the polyandry, denial and stuff. But when you look deeper into just the two of them, that is the relationship that ought to be. Forget that Wynand and Keating even exist. Then what I say might make sense.
I am not at all seeing the ethical point of the plight and turns of their relationship, only the emotional point. This is an abstraction that i am taking into account, for my discussion.
Hi Jugg, I dont like th e Roark character in and out. He is not my idea of a perfect man. By this statement I dont mean that lesser mortals and pseudo-objective men as perfect, only that everyone has his/her own idea of a perfect being. So I just like some part of his character.
Well, does this post sound so vehemnt...or anything...i dont know. i just felt I needed to explain my stand and defent my statements...
So long then...

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