Friday, May 13, 2005

The theory life management(OK ok i recently read Arindam Chaudhuri's CYCBTH)

Hi all
Long time...No blog...
Thats because I find myself more engaged in my placement prep( or so i say), and having a gr8 time wid my cousins.
Well I got my results, my GP comes to 9.52, second in class...Cool.
This time I am pretty happy with my results(unlike last time). This time or rather all through this semester i have trained myself not to expect anything for anything, this way whatever i get looks like some thing bonus, and more than anything i am not cribbing.
I have gone through a radical rechange in my thinking process the past 6 months.I am much more relaxed and taking things cool.
I have never done anything like watching a movie in the midst of the exam month or dining out or sleeping early(???). That abstinence was to protect my concentration and to be focussed.Come on, I am a Virgoan(a beautiful damsel:-)), so am supposed to be a perfectionist, am i right?
But now i am taking things ultra coolly. Wanna watch a movie? got exams morrow?So what ...That doesnt matter, Will you have a nice time if u watch the movie?go ahead , have a great time....But as my basic instincts would have it, I did my duties as in studying(as for now, those are my only duties, I suppose) without any regrets. And here I am, happy with my results...
Does this all sound I am too much of a palam, always talking about studies, exams and all those stuff(after re-reading through what i have written, i myself get that idea).But I am definitely not a palam and am far from that.
So where was I?Ah, the attitude change. This new attitude has the following qualities, I guess:
1.Ultimate aim in life: Be happy
2.Short term goal: Be happy
3.Taking things cool
4.Making people happy.
5.Being fair.
6.Enjoying life
7.Doing my duties cheerfully
8.always Remebering to be happy
Ideologies of the new attitude:
1.People are much much more important than materials
2.Money is not that really great as it is hyped, It may, at any time, be earnt or lost, that is not really a measure of anything worthy(nevertheless it is essential)
3.Life is not worthy wasting on cribbing or getting tensed or having perpetual apprehensions..nimmadhi nimmadhi ungal choice
4.There should not be any regret in your life's sunset

Ok I'll enlighten the world on the rest of this new policy sometime later. Many of these qualities, i already had, some acquired, and some being freshly practised. I may revise these at anytime as i perambulate through the maze of life.
disclaimer: A printed copy of this document can never be used as a legal evidence blah blah....(lol)
Well I guess I'll get to my bed now. Bye.Au Revoir.

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