Friday, April 29, 2005

Too many reminiscences?

Hi all
Aaaah, what a long day...
Hey this "Aaaaaaah" reminds me of something...
Once Rama had put on a new nail paint. During lunch hour, KD sees that and exclaims in all her Shakespearean tone and modulation, "Hey Rama, you have painted your nails, aaaaaaaaaah"(Read it with a lot of modulation and victorian prudish pronounciation). I(for that matter anyone other than KD) would have said,"hey cool, new nail color?". But you see, Kd got to be different. From then on we have been telling her.."haaaaaaaaaai kd", baaaaaaaaaaaaai kd", n the point that someone exclaimed that it sounded pretty sexy.
Me and KD had planned to go for an early morning walk from my house to the airport and back again. But it turned out to be a flop. When we woke up at 6:10 we felt too sleepy that we decided to sleep for just "few" more minutes. Alas the few minutes went on till after 7, and sun was pretty up by then, so we dropped the plan.
Hey this reminds me of another incident.
During the fifth sem IV to Chennai, we stayed in a resort called "Blue Lagoon" in the East Coast Road. That resort had a private beach too. Had a really great midnight party in the beach, pure fun, with our staff around though.That night before retiring for the night, Akshu(popularly called as Choo) and me decided to go to the beach at early morning after 5:30 to the beach to see the sunrise.
And at morning i wake up at 5:30 and i try to wake Akshu up, she wakes up in a trans state and asks me why i woke her. When i reminded her of our sunrise plan, she says oh-so-cutely..."Div, today the sunrise is cancelled na, lets sleep" and dutifully goes back to slumber.Hmm....I...well...hit the bed too(did i have any other option? of course i dint want to go all alone in that resort during that odd hour).I came to know that that Choo can 'cancel' a sunrise. The sun and the moon are at her command,of course many other mortals too(akshu, am i right?;-))
Coming back to today i attended TCS PPT in the afternoon.
And spent the whole evening in formatting my project report. Dj and me decided long back that the project was dragging as in the report work and "results" work(only me and Dj know the glory of acquiring results....).We have been working on this project for like almost a year i guess. But serious works were done in the past 6 months only. The VLSI design lab has been our evening sanitorium for this whole semester to the point that dataflow modelling and multiply driven signals(we bear a special grudge on this one, grrr) and illegal sequential statements became our nightmares.
But then it has come out pretty well. Looks like a research work.
Enough of blogging today. Me feeling sleepy. Bye

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