Thursday, April 28, 2005

Prefinal to final

Hi all
Yippee...exams got over today...Embedded systems was a cake...
Went for a movie...Mumbai xpress....had a nice laugh...I always like KamalHasan's comedies and i hate his serious movies...
But nowadays his comedies are getting stereotypical...some comedy of errors and mistaken identities, it is a time tested style though, right from Shakespeare's time, no idea whether it was even before Shakespeare's time.
Me, Rama, Nandy and Kd went...almost everyone we saw in the theatre was a known face, from coll. Some CSc girls, G2 guys, some production boys...This is the problem with Coimbatore, i feel it is such a small city that anywhere you go you always catch up some one or the other you happen to know. The plight of those who are romantically involved should be pretty bad i guess, with no place where you won't be spotted by is a small world(rather, city?) after all..We have concluded that Jenny's should be the right place for these people, with its ambience, crowdlessness, and not-so-rushing bearers.
Had a nice sleep in the evening. Kd came over at around 8:30, we went to the CD shop and have taken this movie: " 50 first dates", had dinner at Aryaas went to Nandy's place and caught her unawares while she was being a couch potato.The movie is supposed to be real fun...We are gonna watch that now, Kd is staying over at my place tonight. Well i'll catch up with the blog shortly...
bye all

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