Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Victoria Holt

Why am I suddenly having this urge to read a Victoria Holt Book?

Victoria Holt’s books used to be my favorites during high school and early college days. Bride of Pendorric, Shivering sands, Menfreya, are some of the books I can remember. I can remember Bevil Menfrey from Menfreya as one of the fictional characters I had a crush on ;-)

The others being Percy Blackeney of Scarlet Pimpernel, Frank Hardy of Hardy Boys, Chendhan Amudhan from Ponniyin Selvan, I cant remember any more:-) A short list!

Coming back to Holt, the story line is invariably on same lines, a mysterious castle/house in English countryside; some curse on that house or on the people of that house, a girl comes to the house, kind of becomes the victim of the curse, but manages to disentangle the mystery. And there would be a very soft romance in the background between the girl and the guy of the house, most probably.

And to top it all, usually the story would have been set in the timeline of 18th-19th century.

Even though the story line is so cliché, the plot would be so gripping, and there would be no give away about the climax.

Ehhh, somebody give me a Victoria Holt! I want to go back to my high school days!


CM-Chap said...

Shall I suggest you to buy one and go back to your old school and read it...LOL

Vivek said...

Scarlet Pimpernal! Well thats how fiction shd b written.
Hav tagged you. Its about books :)

Divya.B said...

cm-chap>> I wish I could!

vivek>> Scarlet pimpernel, classic, right? Wow, tagged..after a looong time..lemme check

The Black King said...

Crush on a fictional character?? :O Now, thats new! :P

Divya.B said...

the black king>> Not so new in the world of Venusians:-)