Monday, July 02, 2007

Rains, cousins, old friends and Asparagus

This is the longest I have not been home, a little less than two months!

I used to make sure I go home once a month.

But this time, the gap got a little too huge because of no reason at all. Just did not feel like making a trip.

Boy, how did it feel to be home after 2 months? Great!

A couple of my cousins had come over and it was fun.

One cousin, I am seeing after 2 years (He is out of country for his studies), another one even though he's right there in Cbe, am seeing him after months.

We went for a looong walk about 4-5 kilometers taking pictures of the birds, trees, flowers and such. Well, that was me who was wielding the camera and trying to remember the rules of photography, which I had learnt sometime back, and promptly forgot too.

On that road where we walked, there was a dilapidated shack, tall grass surrounding it, no fences, but only a huge gate which was locked. That was kind of ironic. Nobody seemed to be living there. That hovel did not have a roof, and anyone can easily go to the shack, since there are no fences, but why the huge gate and that too, dutifully locked?

I found it a little err…different, or mysterious? So I was clicking pictures of it, and my younger cousin, Ram got embarrassed and irritated with me clicking pictures of odd stuff on road, and declared he'd never come out with me in the future if I turn a lenswoman on road.

And Coimbatore was in its cool grandeur. Incessant rains, right from when I reached, to when I started back. But then, there were intervals of non-rain times too, albeit very few.

Met friend Rama after a year at Nilgiris (that’s a restaurant, not the mountains :-)). We went for a walk along the racecourse, and had that, you know, "woman-woman" talk.

Not to forget the yummy yum mushroom (not the one we have in Pizzas, et al, this is the Asparagus officinales, I go gaga over it) curry my mom had made. Again the yummy yum obbat my grand mom had made :-)

One nice weekend, it was!


The Black King said...

Sounds like a lot of stress-busting fun! P.S. - What exactly was discussed in that special talk?? :)

Arjun.C.N said...

waiting... for november to get all that for me!!!! My vacation is yet to be confirmed... waiting with all my finger-legs-arms and toes crossed!!!

If u went after 2 months... I am going after 2 yrs... hmmm!!!!

Divya.B said...

the black king>> things between friends remain between friends only!

Arjun>> Welcome home!