Wednesday, December 28, 2005

kaithlam patra kana kanden thozhi naan

Here I'll present the next 4 hymns from Vaaranamaayiram

Indiran Ullitta Devar Kuzham Ellam
Vandu Irundu Ennai Magal Pesi Mandirittu
Mandirak Kodi Udutti Mana Malai
Antari Suttak Kanak Kanden Tozhi! Nan

Indra and the other Devas gather together and make the proposal to offer me in marriage to Lord Ranganatha. Then the sambandhi-s converse with each other to agree on all arrangements. Then durga, krishna's sister, helps me wear the kuraip pudavai (the sari worn at wedding time) and I am also decorated with exquisitely smelling flower garland.

Narrisai Tirtham Konarndu Nani Nalgi
Parppanac Cittargal Pallar Eduttettip
Puppunaik Kannip Punidanodu En Tannaik
Kappu Nan Kattak Kanak Kanden Tozhi! Nan

Several brahmana sreshtha-s bring holy waters from all the four directions; Brahma, periyazhvar and the sapta-rishis and vedic scholars take the tirtham that has been purified with udakasanti mantrams and sprinkle it on my head and chant asirvadam for me. I see Lord ranganatha, who stands like a sarvanga sundaran, decorated with colorful garland. I saw in my dream, my hand and His hand being tied together with kankanam.

Kadiroli Dipam Kalasam Udan Endi
Sadirila Ma~Ngaiyar Tam Vandu Edir Kolla
Mathuraiyar Mannan Adi Nilai Tottu E~Ngum
Adirap Pugudak Kanak Kanden Tozhi! Nan

In my dream I saw many beautiful young girls, carrying mangala dipam-s which shine like the bright Sun and with golden kalasams. They were welcoming mathurai mannan (Kannan) who was walking with His sacred sandals on with the majesty and firmness that made the earth shake.

Mattalam Kotta Varisa~Ngam Ninruda
Muttudait Tamam Nirai Tazhnda Pandal Kizh
Maittunan Nambi Madhusudan Vandu Ennaik
Kaittalam Parrak Kanak Kanden Tozhi! Nan.

Mangala vadyams were being played; conches were being blown; under the canopy that was decorated with low-lying pearl strands, Madhusudanan took my right hand into His and did panigrahanam; Oh dear sakhi! I saw this in my dream next.

I found the hymns and translations from here
By the way, the sixth stanza, 'matthalam kotta" would be printed on wedding invitation headers...
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Vivek said...

Is this way in which all weddings take place??i mean the arrangements n such things??

Sujit said...

hey.. nice way back info.. gives pleasure in imagining those mythical weddings.. and more than that.. the flavor in the languauge makes it more beautiful..

Divya.B said...

Vivek>>I think so..most of the weddings have all these rituals...but the divine factor may be missing:)but still, u know something, on the wedding day, the bride and the groom are personified as Lord Srinivasan and Goddess Lakshmi and rituals are based on tht...

Divya.B said...

Sujit>>yeah...soo beautiful right?

The optimist from utopia said...

I had to read it twice and some of the verses thrice to get the pronounciation right. Its a pain in the neck to write Tamil words in English, worse than reading them. And for someone like me who si very particular about the way tamil words are pronounced, it was a loooong post. But it was fun, entertaining and insightful. Good job!

Sujit said...

yeah.. its too good.

Divya.B said...

Gokul>>yeah, writing tamil in english is something not so nice...i shd learn how to post in tamil though....and thx...