Thursday, November 03, 2005


Hi all
Ate soooooooooooo many diwali sweets, that i am sure i'd have gained some extra kgs in the last coupla days...not that i am very weight conscious or anything...
My friends visit me often, and they have a meal at my place, and i've noticed how less they eat...For eg.if it is chapathi, i'd grub atleast 7-8, and my friends have a max of 3...the same case with rice and everything else too. When i visit them i notice the same thing, and their moms would be telling me "my daughter isn't eating at all..." and stuff...But my BMI says I'm perfect with a score of 20.5...So not bothered there...
Watched the cricket I again reinstate my admiration for Dhoni's gutsy shots....Hey i wrote the same thing exactly 6 months ago(the last post also says this correlation na...?) So history repeats itself in 6 months, atleast in my blogs...but, no, dont just read my blogs for 6 months and think you have consumed everything, things do spring up anew.:-)
After a long time, i watched a full cricket match.Good to see a rejuvenated (Indian)team.
I am hooked to the Sudoku software nowadays, despite the fact that i am in the midst of my sem exams. This is the s/w developed by Wayne Gould himself...
By the way, My latest deo-MTv plugged (sway)

I Read Chetan bhagat's second novel, "one night @ the call center"

I had this urge to compare this book to FPS, I would definitely rate FPS as the better one for the following reasons:
-------->FPS made me laugh crazy.No other book till date did that to me.
-------->I can read FPS n number of times.
-------->There was never a question on reality or believability in FPS
-------->Being an engineering student i could easily connect to the characters in FPS(this point may be irrelevant for a call center agent or absolutely anyone else though, guys dont ask me whether i need to connect to the characters to enjoy a book, the answer is that i need not, but here am taking that as a ground for comparison in MY PERSPECTIVE)

But neverhteless I enjoyed the book no lesser. In fact i spent a good 3-4 hours reading ON@TCC right on a day before my Wireless digital communication sem exam.His style of writing is amazing. The dialogues are very natural. I couldn't kinda take up the ch.#1 when Shyam's narration excessively reveals his loser attitude. Thankfully from ch#2 on, this loser thingy in him doesn't manifest itself that explicitly or did i get used to it? A typical Delhi atmosphere. I feel the book could have done better without the prologue and the epilogue.
I felt like I was watching a hindi movie(or for that matter, some not-so-special indian movie )in that GOD episode. Too much of drama there. If I can personify God in that episode as the inner voice of each person stuck in that Qualis, then its ok.
But this is a good book. A good peak into the call center lives. And a real good view of how a boss ought not to be. I felt like whacking that character Bakshi a lot of times. i did learn a lot from that book.
The hero of ON@TCC is the Chetan's style of moving the plot forward, his way with words, his down-to-earth approach.
It is a book to be in my shelf.

Ok then Byee

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