Monday, October 31, 2005


Hi all
I have been a loyal user of the Opera net browser...has a lot of utilities et al.
But recently i switched to mozilla firefox, man isn't it cooler..frills free, no ad tab or anything....But one utility i miss from opera in the "find in the page" search, it searches for the typed word in the page you are in. It is a very helpful util when you download long pages of information and wanna goto a particular part of it..Firefox does have this option, but you should go through edit--->find in this page, which of course is a bit boring thing to do.And i am used to having tabs at the page's bottom, so firefox' tab bar at the top isn't quite comfy, no option to change that.
Firefox is definitely faster than Opera, atleast here, with my slow dial up connection.And its definitely better for offline browsing too. Some browsers tend not to dispaly images when you browse offline, but firefox is cool in this way too.
If any of you know of a browser that is equally cool, frills-free, and all, please let me know, I am in an experimenting phase.
Internet Explorer, well, no comments, pretty primitive. But there is one website that shows some vital info only in interent explorer, thats my coll's website. All the pages i visit, like attendance checking, marks checking, result, etc works only in IE. I can't figure out why..
Talking about all these techie stuff, in some browsers my blog posts appear at the bottom, so any HTML wizard out there, who could help me...?
So Diwali is coming, Happy Diwali.
Let's also reach out to the victims' families and survivors of the delhi bomb blast, ap train accidents, pak and kashmir earthquake, katrina, rita, wilma, beta..whoa lets also pray that this list just remains this long.
And Indian cricket, cool, men in blue, kudos...

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