Saturday, September 17, 2005

My sweet mother-in-law

Hey all..
Oh my God, I don't want to start with this "I am sick" tone...
Yah,I have fallen sick again. I guess outside food doesn't go with me well. Well, today I gave my birthday treat at Aryaas to my friends. And then, something din't feel right in me. Started fever and throat infection.This emphasises that I should learn cooking before I leave home.
Cribbings apart, I read something interesting today in The Hindu which says that in North eastern India, they believe Christ was born on 13th september, and they celebrate Christmas on the above mentioned date!!!!! If true, I will be sharing my birthday with the Christ:-)
Hey parents got me this cute Sonata watch....
My sis gave me a card that reads "She's hip She's hot She's so great Se'll never fade She's full of fun She's 21" thats chweet.
Bhav and Choo gave a card that requested me to ** *** **** ** * ** (censored):-)
I wore flowers on my hair on my birthday...and it dint dry even in the evening(which is what will usually happen), Mk told me that if your body is cool, the flowers wont a cool dudette, i guess.
And it seems Nandy has a myth about it, if the flowers you wear on your hair doesn't dry off, it means you'll get a chweeet mom-in-law.Wow...thatz new, and ofcourse great...Oh my dear mom-in-law, i love you, please remain as sweet as you are for ever, hope to meet you soon:-)(of course your sonny too;-))
Signing off...
Au revoir

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