Sunday, June 26, 2005

Random thoughts

Hi all...
Well, i see myself starting all my posts with the inevitable.."long time.." so this time I am dropping it out(am i hearing "oh pplleassee"?)
My latest morning it is a dual at home between my mom and me as to who will get to do that day's su-do-ku in The Hindu....I dint actually give it a try until i saw the post on sathya's blog.
Me and my mom have reached an amicable solution that says whoever does su-do-ku first will have to do it in pencil and erase it when done...:-)
I went to my kuladheivam temple today...kinda thanksgiving visit....
Jack Kilby is dead...Here is the man who revolutionized electronics with his invention of IC that changed the whole idea of applied electronics...RIP...
I am gonna watch Anniyan tomorrow with all my class girls...I liked a few of its songs..."kannum kannum nokia..", "ayyangar veetu Azhage..",for a sample...
I was thinking what was i watching on TV these days....believe it or favourite right now is pogo channel....and my favourite shows are "Takeshi's castle", "Just for laughs:gags", "world's most funniest videos", necessarily in that order.Thanks to nami n kartik (my lil cousins) who introduced me to these shows...(he he)
I am wondering why it dint rain today...rain y? cus i did a lot of domestic work today, cleaned my home...i mean just swept, and mopped the floor...and a lil bit of dusting...
Abi has come up with a quote:
"A guy can sweep any girl off her feet, given he has the right kind of broom"
---------no comments----------
Read "The other side of midnight" by Sidney a fiction after a long time...It was just ooook...
My favourite of Sheldon is "Stars shine down".
What else is special today..hmm...ya...Saturn is transitting from mithuna to some other rasi right now...i mean 11:16pm of 25th june...God only knows how crowdy temples here are for pujas on this divine transit.
Well then...Me signing off..Byee
Thought for the day(or until next post):
Do not pretend - be
Do not promise - act
Do not dream - realise

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