Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Musings of an optimist(yeah..?)

Hi all
My sem exams started today. Gave my ProfComm exam today, was pretty good.
When i woke up in the morning i dint know whether the exam was at 9 or 9:30. Anyway to be on the safer side i went by 8:30 and the exam was indeed at 9( the time table online in the coll's website specifies only the forenoon or afternoon session, not exact timings).
When i went into the hall(A310, as always), there was a confusion because in my row for some 5 seats 2 people were alloted the same seat. Not a big deal though, got it resolved soon(was a mistake of the other studs). And started the exam."Good morning students " starts the all too familiar voice of our princi elaborating on fairplay and shunning malpractices and stuff.
At around 11:30 we were distributed the Group I sheets. And suddenly comes this song from nowhere..."Enge andha vennila". I guess it should be from some festival from a nearbly residential area. It looked like many guys were carried away by the song and its romantic calibre and put their pens down and started enjoying it rather than getting done with their paper...
All this has never happened happened before in exam halls. So it all kinda looked out of the box.
There is something i like about wrinting exams in our coll, especially at A310. It is such a huge hall and almost around 300 studs give their exams distributed in the west and east wings. Somehow the hugeness of the hall gobbles up any exam fear or whatsoever you might have( the effect may be exactly opposite for many). And the kindness of the maintenance cell in providing drinking water at regular intervals during exams by their staff bringing it to our place is somewhat cool and a nice gesture it is.
So writing exams in Tech is cool in its own way, tell me, where else someone(Princi or Dr.P.V.M) welcomes you to the exam and wishing you all the best(only during the first exam though), hospitable staff bringing you water to quench your thirst, wrinting your exam in a 52-year old building opened by none other than Dr.Rajendra Prasad,romantic songs occasionally to ease your tension(happened only once to my knowledge though), a plethora of supervisors who keep your cell phones safe(since mobiles are not allowed to be taken with the studs)...
Well this is the way i look at it.It looks cool this way.
I can also look at it rather differently: what a place this is yaar, huge intimidating hall, age old wretched victorian building, people disturbing your flow of wrtiting asking whether you need water, a song to spoil your concentration in the midst, et al.
If anyone thinks about it this way, he is missing the very essence of the journey called life. Life is made of petty things. I feel that petty things bring happiness more than bigger stuff.
If life is a bed of roses for you, congrats, you got a cool attitude, great going.
If it is a bed of thorns, time to change, dude.
Hey i was reading a book, "Pearls of Wisdom ", a compilation of Swami Vivekananda's quotes.(Is that why i am getting too philosophical?) I liked a few of them. One sample:
If there is a conflict between the heart and the brain, let the heart be followed

Well then i got my IM exam coming thursday.
Belated Ugadi greetings...
Advanced Happy tamil new year everyone.
Bye.Au Revoir.

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