Sunday, March 13, 2005

Elementary, my dear foul-mouths

Hi all...
Today I was thinking about the kinda language I hear daily in coll. I wouldn't call that pleasant, well what I am meaning is the ease with which all the obscene words are being used nowadays. And the intriguing part is that studs feel that they are cool if they use these words, and thus all f-word, s-word n stuff become their natural vocabulary. I know many people who can’t blurt out a single sentence without using all these words of glory.
This same sort of vocabulary is pretty common in certain under privileged class of people. Certainly nobody thinks that is cool. In fact, anyone(including our good friends who use the aforementioned 'glory' words) would just push it off as a typical 'low class' stuff. This is pure hypocrisy. Is it because they use the same words but in the regional language ? Rather than English?
I feel we, the educated(or so we say) people using this sort of language is much more shameful than the other plane i just mentioned.
Whatever it is...the point is the whole stuff stinks. And people, just understand, there is nothing to be proud of with a stale mouth. This is not the proper way to let out one's emotions...(assuming one lets out dirty emotions by the way of dirty language, if that is gonna be an excuse)Why are we being called social animals...if we are to use these vulgarities in using one of our six senses?
I can very well imagine what would be the reaction of anyone whose actions have just been condemned in this post, reads this....He/she would just comment...'ok ur highness is jobless...f+-*/ off, dude'
vaakinile inimai vendum


Anonymous said...

I completely agree (even if u r least botherd :))

AruneM said...

iniya ulavaaga innaadha kooral..