Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Deja vu

Hi all....
Of late i've noticed a lot of people are visiting my blog...cool....
I read the book 'Five point someone'(FPS) by Chetan Bhagath,yesterday.Oh boy,i laughed like crazy after a long time.
It was like this ....I was in the bedroom alone and reading the book,,,and my folks were in the living room watching TV,and everything was quite....suddenly there comes this convulsive,all too loud,unstoppable laughter of mine from the bedroom,,,that too very regularly,,,i guess they would have thought i was insane or something....But i guess this is the first time a book has made me to laugh this crazy(of course after that jokes book i read some years back)
I could somehow strike an analogy between this book and 'Bachelor of arts' by R.K.Narayan(may be just the class room and the academic background part of it)
Also i found the character Ryan in FPS resembling Natraj of 'Man eater of Malgudi' by RKN.
I would suggest everyone read FPS.I liked it ,,maybe because all the characters you come across in the book,,,you can somehow relate them to people you are seeing everyday(even yourself), and the language used,a typical techie lingo n stuff...
I have not come online very regularly recently ,,,,because of the following reasons:
1.The stupid VSNL-TATA indicom dialup connectivity...
2.My lab finals are fast approaching.(not to mention the sem).
3.My projects are getting pretty demanding(or so i say).
4.I have vowed myself to sleep early(like a goody goody girl)
5.Placements and all the lore hitting me that i have better work to
do rather than hopping the net.
6.or just maybe my life is getting busier...:-)

and today's juiciest story
Well today i got a tight slap from KD,,,,not that she did wantedly(hopefully), but she wanted to pat on my cheeks,,,of course just a soft pat...but as you can expect from Kd, she patted me pretty hard that would pass for a really tight slap,,,after all kd is a friend and such fun...one of my favourite pass time is to tease kd(nowadays rama is getting her share of ottals from us...neway she needs it) and her all too' american' (perhaps ITALIAN too?) accent and all quirks...All stories bout kd will hit my blog after sometime...
Well thats it for now...

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