Saturday, December 11, 2004

Philosophical...who me?

Hi all…
Blogging back after a few days…
I finished ‘The Da Vinci Code’ by Dan Brown, yesterday….
A cool book it was…Man, I want to visit France, esp. Musee de Louvre, and to all those exotic places over there…
Jesus married Mary Magdalene , his blood line is still perpetuating as the Merovingian clan…hmm…quite interesting.
Yesterday in the class, during the Profcom hour there were some impromptu speeches. One by Arvind was thought provoking, about choosing the career.
I would have chosen History or some renaissance art as my career, if choosing the career was not such a big deal of research before joining college (which made us weigh the monetary gains of becoming an engineer).
Nevertheless, Engineering is quite interesting too. Being an Engineer, we are being trained to question anything and everything under the sky (how many do that is in an entirely different domain, though).
Here in India young students are actually not given the choice of choosing their careers, theirs parents do it for them. Peer pressure, Media hype about a particular profession, and all the lore (like, the uncle in the third house down the street has his son in the US, and earning a lots of dollars blah blah blah….and stuff), are also fuelling giants, in career decisions.
Whatever be the phenomena now, I think (hope) the next generation will not be like this. I feel ours is a buffer generation, that is, a generation torn between modernity and traditional paths, a sort of ‘neither here nor there’ sorts.
Also next generation weddings (if at all the institution of marriage is going to be held high) are going to be mostly ‘love’ marriages (at least 80% ?), and the previous generation had arranged marriages (here again, at least 80 %).
And what about us, the buffer, the confused and the trishanku generation…? Well, we are neither here nor there….. (tough proportions, aren’t they?…haha.)

Thought for the day:
Caesar’s wife should be above suspicion(applicable to today’s seers too;-))

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AruneM said...

And what about us, the buffer, the confused and the trishanku generation…?
Arranged Love Marriages..? probably !