Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Chak de, India!

I have to record this before the excitement wears off. I just watched the match, the finals between India and Pakistan in the Twenty20 World Championship Tournament. Boy, What a match!


I have not been actively following Cricket for quite some time. I watched only a couple of matches of this twenty20, The Indo-Aus Semifinals and Indo-Pak finals. Awesome matches, in terms of thrill, energy and suspense. The best part is that I watched the finals match at office on big screen and with some 200 colleagues. So much fun, it was. I always thought watching cricket matches with my mom was the best fun, for all the extemporaneous comments my mom make. This was no less. Too much verve and witty comments, most of my friends got nostalgic about their college hostel days. Apparently the scene resembled that. But I have never been in hostel before, during my studies. So it was new to me.


The fun we had was topped by India's spectacular victory. Even if India had lost, it would still have been a memorable match.


Ghost Particle said...

all the restaurants here were full, even my housemate went to watch it...i cant believe it, Malaysians watching cricket. :p

CM-Chap said...

Yup..it was an amazing match.. I couldnt see... Though I followed ball by ball thru rediff.. Saw the replay.. lovely stuff

Beautiful Mind said...

Big Screen..200 colleagues..watching a match..Where you work? HCL? just guessing..

Divya.B said...

GP>> I guess cricket is getting popular in the non-playing countries especially in the east Asian region. A counterpart of mine from Germany was so very interested to know the rules of Cricket. It was tough explaining him, when he was all the time comparing Cricket to baseball.

Divya.B said...

cm chap>> Yup, it was.

beautiful mind>> Nope, I don't work for HCL.