Friday, June 15, 2007

The seven-year itch?

It was in 2000 that I decided to give up non vegetarian food.

What triggered that decision, I don’t remember too well. I was 15 then. I think, I wanted to test my determination to give up something and holding on to the resolution.
Once decided, never have I cheated on my resolution, even in my thoughts. I mean I was never even tempted to think of going back. I had made a commitment and it was very important to me to honor commitments, be it to self or to others.
Oh yeah, there was my mom trying to convert me back to a non vegetarian and she had to give up after some 2-3 years seeing my tenacity.

And, what now?
After 7 years of abstinence?

I feel I have become too Sathvic. At times I feel we do need some amount of aggressiveness, and I could definitely have more helpings of it.
I have a calm and gathered mind, definitely. But is that enough? Don’t you need a little bit of hot-bloodedness?
And I have a thought/whim/impression/notion that I have become too sathvic because of my vegetarian diet. And I have read articles which substantiate the idea.

So I am in the “Should I go back or not?” phase!

And yes, mom will be happy if I decide to revert:-)


loku said...

hey i gotta ask this but vat makes a person give up non veg and turn into one of those. no hard feelings but i hate it venevr smone tells me they have taken up a semi-vegan(vegetarianism) lifestyle (esp gals since its such a clicheee). how does the transformation start?

Anonymous said...

This post reminds me of devis speech on vegetarianism.

Well, we are evolving. Our ancestors ate flesh because they had nothing else to eat.

Why should we continue doing it?
Anyway the rate at which it is going... looks like there wont be any OTHER animal left on this planet.

From a nutritional point of view, I guess we can manufacture anything, why dont we just have them in capsules.

Beautiful Mind said...

Hey, if it is kind of resolution then stay on it..dont think, I am vegetarian..I eat well only at home..or chettinad hotel. (preference) :-)

I am pakka non-veg guy, yengae veetu sappadula..only ellai (banana leaf) mattumthan everything comes under the other category.. :-)

AruneM said...

So did you check out double-cheese quarter pound hamburger this weekend to become just a little sattvic ?

AruneM said...

besides there seems to be tamasic and rajasic foods in vegetarian choices itself, so you neednt necessarily revert to NV if all you need is something thats non-sathvic.

CM-Chap said...

Hmm.. Its all driven only by one's feeling... Do what u wish to do

Arjun.C.N said...

Dont even think. Go back. We need to balance the food chain!!! :-)

Divya.B said...

loku>> My reasons for transformation are pretty clear in the post, I guess. I have no clue, why others do it, though:)

anon>> You should be from G1, then? May I know who this is? Reading your comment only, I recollected that Devi gave a speech on vegetarianism in our first year at coll..

Divya.B said...

beautiful mind>> Wah, kalakunga!

Arunem>> I ordered for Veg combo meal last saturday, when I was almost finishing the veg biriyani, I found one chicken piece in it, tell me, is that a sign???? I was surprised by the relevance of a chicken piece in my food to what I have been thinking for quite sometime...

Divya.B said...

arunem>> Yeah, veg food also should have non-sathvic food, and probably I am majorly consuming them too, this is just a fancy:-)

cm-chap>> yeah, at the end of the day, thats what I am gonna do:-)

Arjun>> A good reason!

The Black King said...

Okay, so now you've proved to yourself that you can hold off if you like. Go ahead and enjoy yourself!

Divya.B said...

the black king>>Probably, thats what I should do:-)

Anonymous said...

Do let me know when you get that itch again..Mebbe you could use that opportunity to try out Singaporean/multi-cuisine delicacies which are strongly related to zoology.