Friday, May 25, 2007

There was an ad long time back

This is to post before I forget.

There used to be an ad on TV sometime back (not anymore, I believe)

I think it is Bajaj’s some bike’s ad.

A guy comes home to his wife and son, from armed services, on a vacation probably.

They have a rapturous reunion, and the very next morning, he receives a radio message asking all the men in service to report to duty immediately, since some emergency has risen in the meanwhile.

He leaves for his work in some distant borderland on a Bajaj whatever bike, while his wife and son see him off with pride and pain.

And the song in the background goes like this (in Tamil):


Naalai nadapadhai yaararivaaro, neeyo naano sollavum thagumo?

Kaalam vaguthadhai edhirkondidave, ovvoru ganamum kaathiruppome, kaaathiruppome.


A very rough translation:

Who knows what will happen tomorrow... would you or I be able to tell?

Let’s wait every moment, to face what the time has designed for us.


How so profound! For a bike’s ad.

Somehow, I used to like this ad, and it registered in my neurons, and this morning, that neuron came to the forefront out of the blue. I thought I should record that, before I lose that ad’s memoriesJ

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