Monday, October 23, 2006

I am back! I am back!!

Hiiii All

I am back!!
After a long (3 months,in fact) hiatus, I am back.
I dint mean it to be a gap this long. But then things went this way, in between was this ban on blogspot here in India and things like that which also promoted my laziness:-)
3 months were great. New place, new people, new lifestyle...So all going cool.
I am planning to start my blogging back again seriously. SO here I come to bore you all again..And also to start reading other blogs too.
And in this time when I wasnt here my blog crossed 10000 on visitors count.
Thanks to everyone for your visits.
Enough for a reunion post. Rest in next post.

Bye. Have a great time.


b a l a j i said...

Hi... Nice to see that u are back...

Bhavna Neel said...

gurl..high time u came back ..good.. im glad ..cnt waitto c whats up again in ya blog.

Anonymous said...

visiting your blog after quite some time...Glad to see you are back too..hmm what a coincidence...Always be back

alpine path said...

Great to c u back! I was bored seeing the same "Bye Bye" post :)

sathya said...

Welcome back!


Ghost Particle said...