Sunday, June 25, 2006

Finally, I got something to blog on!!!

Hi all
I have had 62 days of holidays till now, and 23 more days to go!!
Got an audio cassette called 'Marriage songs' by Padmashree Sudha Ragunathan.
Na, no one's getting married yet, just that some songs are too good, that I wanted to listen to them. I love a song called 'manmadhanukku maalaiyittaye"...Man, thats too good. I kinda find these classical songs more romantic than modern the ones..

So why not list my favourite romantic songs??Wow..finally got something to blog on:-)
This is gonna be a predominantly Tamil movie songs list though.
NO particular order:

1. Sundari, kannaal oru sedhi - from the movie Dhalapathi----------------it roxx it roxx it roxx
2. Ondra renda aasaigal - from 'kaakha kaakha'
3. Enna seyya pogirai - from 'Kandukonden kandukonden'
4. Yevano oruvan vaasikiraan - 'from 'Alaipayuthey'
5. uyirin uyire - from 'kaakha kaakha'
6. Paartha nyabagam illayo - from 'pudhiya paravai'-------------------it roxx it roxx
7. maalai pozhudhin mayakkathile - from.. err.. some old movie
8. Venmadhi - from 'minnale'-------------------it roxx it roxx
9. edhedho ennam valarthene - 'punnagai mannan'
10. kaadhal rojave - 'Roja'------------------------it roxx it roxx it roxx
11. Engirundhu vandhayada - 'Five star'
12. Enge andha vennila - no idea what the movie's name is.

Writing this list, I felt all these come under a sad genre:-O About a lost love or longing or mostly of a not so fun mood.

So now for those fun romantic songs;-)

1. Kadhal sadugudu - 'Alaipayuthey'
2. pudhu vellai mazhai - 'Roja'
3. Kadhalikum asai illai kangal unnai kaanum varai - 'Chellame'
4. Nee oru kadhal sangeetham - 'Nayagan'
5. Vaa vennila unnaithane vaanam thedudhu - 'mella thirandhadhu kadhavu'
6. Madhura nagaril thamizh sangam - some old movie---------------------it roxx it roxx it roxx
7. Jaadhi malli poocharame - 'Azhagan'
8. Sandai kozhi - 'Aitha ezhuthu'
9. Unnai vida - 'Virumandi------------------------it roxx it roxx it roxx it roxx

The english list:
1. You fill up my senses (The Anne's song)- John Denver------------------------it roxx it roxx it roxx it roxx it roxx it roxx it roxx it roxx it roxx it roxx(If you have not heard this song, please do it)
2. Please dont go - No Mercy------------------it roxx
3. Everything I do, I do it for you - Bryan Adams
4. Lets make a night to remember - Bryan Adams------------------it roxx
5. The way you look tonight - Frank Sinatra------------------it roxx
6. The only thing that looks good on me is you - Bryan Adams
7. Quit playing games with my heart - BSB
8. Unbreak my heart - Toni Braxton------------------it roxx
9. Have you ever really loved a woman - Bryan Adams
10. Heaven - Bryan Adams

Now, since I have written this, you can actually get how jobless I am. In normal days(the days when I would have something to do:-)), I would never have believed I would write a post on my favourite romantic songs:-x
But still, it was fun writing this.


Gopalan Ramasubbu said...

//Sundari, kannaal oru sedhi - from the movie Dhalapathi//

In one of his interview SPB himself said that's his all time fav song .

b a l a j i said...

maalai pozhudin mayakkathile-
that is Ilayaraja's favorite song composed by MSV

enge andha vennila - you mean that kunal - manoj film???

ven said...

beautiful list of songs

AruneM said...

I wud agree with quite a few songs in da list as my favs too..I listened to an interview by Vairamuthu as he describes "Kannukku mai azhagu" and him being a big fan of P.Susila..He says "My instruction to others to follow when I am on my deathbed during his last moments- just play P.Susila's songs and everybody should leave the room" -What a tribute!!

Gangadhar said...

Well Divya..welcome back..
Congrats on getting BE degree!!
Btw How's you? long time no see!!!
You're one of my family members..just go and visit my blog for details..
thank you

Vanathi said...

Good list...

Known Stranger said...

very cute message.

Known Stranger said...

enga andha vanila - varusham ellam vasandam.

Known Stranger said...

maalli pozhudin mayakkathile -
movie name bhagya lakshmi.
actor gemini ganeshan and sowkar janaki

Vijay Krishna said...

Nice list, though a bit contemporary I would say. But almost all of those (minus the English) are my favorites too.

Ghost Particle said...

I would say 7/8 and 10 in the love tamil list is the best ever. Man i can cry sometimes, can smile is great.

Ram said...

Maazhai pozhudhin mayakathile is from Karnan. Manam pdaithen from Kandhan Karunai is also superb, gud listing :-)

Divya.B said...

Gopalan>>IS it? I never knew..but the song's too good..

balaji>>Ditto wat i told to gapalan:)

Divya.B said...


Arunem>>Oh yeah..daz a really nive song too..missed it..Sushila has a great fan in vairamuthu..daz news to me..

Divya.B said...

gangadhar>>Hii..Thanks..and thanks for making me a person of your family:)COngrats on your 200th post!


Divya.B said...

known stranger>>Thanks for all the info! But read Ram's comment and am confused about it..

VIjay krishna>>Thats cool..yeah very much contempoary

Divya.B said...

GP>>Hii..Gp hows u ..long time..

RAm>>Read known stranger's comment..and which one's right??:-)

Harini said...

This is a great list of songs! Most of them r my favourites too :) Esp the one from Azhagan!

iamyuva said...

well can only say.. list of 10 is very shot..

few more..
Celine Dion - Because you love me
ABBA -The day before you came
Richard Marx - Hold On To The Nights
Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone
Glenn Medeiros - Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You

hindi -
khobsurat hai(Rog)
Yeh Hum aa gaye kahaan(Veer Zeera)
Parineeta - Piyu Bole
Yahaan - Naam Ada Likna
Kalyug - Jiya Dhadak
QSQT - Aye Mere Humsafar
Papa Kahte Hain - Ghar Se Nikalte Hi
Aapko Pehle Bhi Kahin Dekha Hai - Aisi Aankhen Nahin Dekhi
most of the songs from Saajan

Puthiya Mugam - Kanaku Mai Azhagu
En Swasa Katrae
Yuva - Nenjam Ellam
Anbulla Rajinikanth - Then Pooveh Pooveh Vaa
Rythym-Kaatre Yen Vaasal
12B-Poovai Vai Paesum

oh my good lord.. music very addictive.._ made to me type some much in no time..

Ram said...

Known stranger is right, i confused this song with Kangal Enge from Karnan. Now confirmed with my Mom :-)

A Confused Soul said...

Nice to hear these ones. In fact, I bought a Santro a month back and have been hearing to all these tamil songs in MP3 in my XPlod in the car. Its just too amazing. you could as well take the list a bit into nattupura paadal which include songs from sangamam, mix of beats with desi songs - four students, boys etc... Have been having good fun the last few days!!!

Kasi said...

Nice to see ur pretty good list of songs, blend of old and new, of english and tamil. There is a genre of hindi-urdu songs and ghazals whose lyrics really rock. Kaho na kaho from murder (tho' its arabic style) and some of nusrat fateh ali khan and few of himesh reshamiyya has that flavor. If you comprehend, ghazals are the best to bet for sad and happy go romantic songs.

Btw, my all time favorite is "Manram vantha Thendrallukku" from Mouna Raagam. Still I love hearing it again and again. and yeah, its not romantic song tho'.

KD said...

why not a list of songs for other occasions??? Am waiting!!! Like when Federer triumps and you can get the warrior triumphtant song in your head :p