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Ammi midikka Kanaa kanden thozhi naan

Hi all
This is the 3rd and last installment of Vaaranamaayiram, 7-11 hymns.
Enjoy the beauty of these hymns.

7th Stanza:
Vai Nallar Nalla Marai Odi Mandirattal
Pasilai Nanal Paduttup Paridi Vaittu
Kai Sina Ma Kaliru Annan En Kai Parri
Tivalam Seyyak Kanak Kanden Tozhi! Nan

Chanting the good veda-s and reciting the appropriate mantras, the professional vaidikA-s spread the green grass surrounding the agni and placed the samit (wooden sticks) on them. Oh dear friend! I saw Kannan, who came majestically like an angry elephant, hold my right hand and circumambulate the agni walking slowly.

8th Stanza:
Immaikkum Ezhezh Piravikkum Parravan
Nammai Udaiyavan Narayanan Nambi
Semmai Udaiya Tirukkaiyal Tal Parri
Ammi Midikka Kanak Kanden Tozhi! Nan

Godai describes the next part of her dream to her friend: "Narayanan, who is our protector for us in this birth and all the forthcoming births, and who is filled with kalyana guna-s, held my right foot with His red-hued tirukkai(hand) and placed it on the ammi (stone).

9th Stanza:
Varisilai Val Mugattu En Aimar Tam Vandittu
Erimugam Parittu Ennai Munne Nirutti
Ari Mukhan Accutan Kai Mel En Kai Vaittu
Pori Mugandatta Kanak Kanden Tozhi! Nan

My brothers, who have attractive eye brows that look like bent bows, ignite the agni by adding samits and make me stand before the agni. They place my hands on top of the hands of Kannan (who has a majestic face like the lion's) and put rice puffs (pori) in the agni and help me do the homam. I saw this poriyiDal vaibhavam in my dream, oh sakhi!

10th Stanza:
Kunkumam Appi Kulir Sandam Mattittu
Mangala Vidi Valam Seidu Mana Nir
Angu Avanodum Udan Senru Angu Anai Mel
Manjanam Attak Kanak Kanden Tozhi! Nan

I dreamt that a lot of kunkumam and sandalwood were applied on our bodies, and Kannan and I were placed on top of the majestic elephant and taken in procession along the streets which had been decorated in celebration of our wedding, and then we were given the holy bath with the sacred waters, oh sakhi!

11 Stanza:
Ayanukkagat Tan Kanda Kanavinai
Veyar Pugazh Villiputtur Kon Kodai Sol
Tuya Tamizh Malai Iraindum Vallavar
Vayu Nan Makkalaip Petrru Magizhvare

Godai, the TirumagaL(Blessed daughter) of periyAzhvAr, has sung this Tirumozhi(Divine hymns) with ten pasurams(hymns) in poetic tamizh, describing her divine dream about Kannan wedding her. Whosoever is able to learn and chant these pasurams, will be blessed with good progeny and prosperous lives with them.

I found the hymns and the translation from this site


Vivek said...

For some1 whoz learnt tamil readin anandha vikatan, ur series of posts hve been enlightenin...sometimes i do feel unhappy tat i din take up tamil in my skool :(
But thnx a lot for these posts :)

Sujit said...

I think there is a lot of stuff inthese vedic chants.. something that reminds us.. of this lost world!!.. isn;t it so?

Gangadhar said...

just dropped in to say hi...
you've great going here..

Nahuatl said...

Hello.. gone again?

Please write something in Hindi or English yaar

The optimist from utopia said...

please blog about anything other than this.. I am bored :((

Divya.B said...

Vivek>>I always wanted to put this on my blog...thanks to your encouragement , i did it..:)

Sujit>>yes...A lots, that we dont even care to comprehend...

Divya.B said...

gangadhar>>HI gangadhar...hope everythin is fine in the bloggers world:)

Nayan>>Hindi?naah..I am not proficient in Hindi...English, sure thing.BUt I took this work , so had to finish...Read the translations, they are good...

Divya.B said...

Gookul>>I took this work , so had to finish, was interesting for me though...
Am done with vaaranamaayram neway....

WA said...

Divya, I have been meaning to blog about varanamaayiram for a long time haven't got around to doing so yet. It is one of my favourite paasurams, I love it

Divya.B said...

WA>>Wow, i find so many of my friends loving it to know dat fact only aftr i put up the post...anyway its cool that you love it too..welcome to my blog..

Known Stranger said...

if you wann a write tamil with out knowing the tamil typing. you can use this link

where in you can write the tamil in english style . Automatically the word gets translated in tamil fonts. for example..

English words in tamil pronounciation

thamizhala ezhuthanumaa - i-ntha valaiyin uthavum.

automatically translated to tamil font

தமிழல எழுதனுமா - இந்த வலையின் உதவும்.

Anonymous said...

I started to research about the meaning of Vaaranamayiram as felt by Andal. I had recently been to an arangetram and one of the pieces rendered was this. In the 10th stanza, the lyrics were modified to "Angu Manjanam aata kanaa kanden" instead of "Angu aanai mel Manjanam aata kanaa kanden" and hence depicted manjanam as going to bed, which was disturbing. I knew the lyrics were off immediately but the interpretation for the word manjanam is clear now. Thank you.