Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Kalai pugudha kanaa kanden thozhi naan

The second stanza of Vaaranamayiram is,
Naalai vaduvai manam enru naalittu
Paalai kamugu parisudaip pandar kizh
Kolari madhavan govindan enban or
Kaalai pugudak kanak kanden tozhi! naan

Tomorrow is the day that has been fixed for the wedding; I saw a handsome young youth, who goes by the names Narasimhan, Madhavan & Govindan, enter the wedding dias, that is decorated with betel-nut trees, in order to participate in the nischitartha (engagement) ceremony."

I found the translation and the hymn from this website


Vivek said...

Had visited Srivilliputur tis september..din have much knowledge abt it tho..ur posts is kinda reliving the story behind the place..keep it up!

Sujit said...

good one.

Gangadhar said...

nice one,Divya!!

sathya said...

hi divvs,

my comment on the prev post is lost :-(

sathya said...

hi divvs,

what are the 4 lines ? some hymn?

thennavan said...

My post on Thiruppaavai coming soon (I liked your coverage of it as well as your belief in it) :-)

Divya.B said...

Vivek>>I'd love to visit Srivilliputur...haven't yet been there...You know, there is a hymn that praises the greatness of villiputhur....
“godai pirandavoor Govindan Vaazhumoor
Jodhi manimaadam thonrumoor – needhiyaal
Nalla patthar vaazhumoor naan marai Odhumoor
Villiputtur Vedakkonoor”
Cool na?

Divya.B said...

Sujit & gangadhar>>thx..and keep reading

Sathya..>>oops..in which system did u comment? haloscan or blogger?
these are from a hymn called vaaranamayiram

Mukund>>Waitin to read that post..but how would u post a small post on a vast topic...(thats your latest resolution to post in smaller lengths but in higher frequencies..right?)

abhi said...

hey ,, div wont read it but as long as something that keeps u academically inclined it ok !! keep up the study work >>.

Divya.B said...

Abhi>>your first time here na..welcome and ensoii...study work eh?talk sense..

susubala said...

Nice work and the translation is very good.

Divya.B said...

Susubala>>thx a lot...not my original translation though