Sunday, October 02, 2005

I went to a lot of labs!!

Hi all..
Today let me recall some moments in labs all through these that all labs are getting done with...
What?no more labs..?No more fun?hmmm....

Semester: 3
Subject: electronic devices lab.
batch: me, devi and kalaharan

Now about the uniqueness of this group, in each lab class we used to break atleast one component...maybe an IC or a transistor, an opamp , absolutely anything..but the unwritten rule was that we break something....
During the Zener diode voltage regulator experiment, we made this dumbest mistake of connecting +5v power supply to the ground or interchanged pins of 'p' lead and 'n' lead....i dont remember exaclty...
The bridge rectifier got extremely heated alittle bit about the structure and look of the bridge rect ic, it's shape is diamond with one blunt edge, with a reasonable surface area....
Even before we could realize it was getting hot, something arose from the top surface of the IC, it was black in color,thin in size,perhaps the plastic container of the IChad melted and defied the gravity....It was kinda,,you know, bolt out of the clear sky....Something like some to see and was funny at that moment....finally kalaharan braved the task of nipping it off after switching off the power supply...and to our utter surprise that component worked pretty fine after that, and we could neatly get the output...and that was the only class when our names were'nt included in the breakage list...:-)

Semester: 7
Subject: elective lab.
batch: me, devi and chandrasekar

We were doing the experiment of "scrambler design" in hardware...
We had some messed up digital IC trainer kit, which was extremely confused(this, later we found)
The table in which we were doing our exp, had an other side where kaushi,kans and bhav were working...
We were fiddling a lot with the equipment to make it respond and stuff...and suddenly we discovered that whatever input we were applying in our kit, the output was appearing in their kit!!!!!We checked out if any wires were entwined or any nonsense...nothing, everthing proper..We are still clueless as to how it happened...
Abhi was commenting..."wow, you people are connecting the digital kits in networks!"

Semester: 7
Subject: DSP and communications lab.
batch: devi and Chandramohan

Now this character chandramohan is an over perfect charcter fast approaching infinity in perfectoin...we call him ambi when has oiled his hair, and remo otherwise..
Poor devi had to put up with him for this whole sem...he would literally make teachers cry,"enough, enough, i understand that u know the concept, u know the working, u know simulink, tms.., I'll award you marks, now stop this unending explanation please.."..
And he writes like crazy for 10 pages in his records...Just for this devi also had to write so much....
anyway this lab was so much fun....I'll miss it.

Semester: 1
Subject: workshop-foundry.
batch: me, bhav and akshu

Oh this foundry used to be a fun place...there is this thing called hand'll have to ram that black mud(i forgot what that is called...)using bare hands..and believe me you should have a lot of strength for that...Me and akshu would start trying, and eventually and dutifully give up with "bhav, wont u like to try?" But bhav used to do it with expertise...bhav rams...oops..bhav rocks...In one experiment which, if i am right was "T flange with a funnel", the funnel had to be cut with extreme care or it would break...we somehow managed to bring it to a good shape, just when bhav or choo accidentally moved their fingers across, and it broke...and we had to take that kutti peace of mud cake carefully and put it back there and whoa we had a satisfaction of having performed a plastic surgery...

Semester: 1
Subject: workshop-welding.
batch: me, just me
I hated this lab....

i dont know why i dont have much strength in my hands, and welding required that u had to hold that heavy holder in one hand(which already is adorned with the safety gloves, also you would luk like a bhooth with those wierd safety goggles)
I always used to get the welding wrong....miss the aim of whatever....
Ok...tired of typing so much...
rest in next post....
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buh byee

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