Monday, August 01, 2005

Variety is the spice of life

Hi all..
I was cleaning the house and came across a lot of used and empty deodarant cans...
Well...coming to think of struck me that I've never stuck on to one brand...every time i shop for my deo...its a different one...
My deo list(as much as i can recollect) is:
Rexona(the first one i used...wen in 8th std)
El Paso
Axe.(pheoenix)(ok ok i know its for guys...but i liked that masculine fragrance so much that I dint mind using it)
Nivea(the current one..)
It's not that I am not satisfied with anything....It is my fundamental urge to try out everything and find the best...Also I believe that .variety is the spice of life.
For the same reason, I find myself reconfiguring my living room and bedroom once in 3 months...reconfguring in the sense...just reshuffling stuff and rearranging couches, tables, wardrobes, cots, dressing table, dining table, tv, refridgerator, etc...
It always gives a sense newness...And also we can analyse the best and worst part of each configuration...well I actually am interested in designing homes and stuff...I have a couple of detailed plans and elevations made in the first year...
Know something?..Engineering drawing was my v v favourite subject in first year....I just loved that subject, the reasons and techniques..and all. I even thought perhaps I shd have taken up Civil Engg or architecture..By the way, I got 98/100 in the that subject....:-)
Hey i decided just yesterday that i would go on a "atleast 60% natural" diet...lots of fruits and veggies and stuff...but the problem is I am very very selective about vegetables....i just love potato...nothing incredible about any other vegetable...:-(..Should learn to eat vegetables..somehow..
Well then..

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