Tuesday, December 28, 2004

TATA Indicom

I can’t believe this. For the past few days TATA Indicom internet is getting atrociously slow. It never ever used to be like this. Believe me, I have used the net very very extensively during the past one and a half year or so. The speed was always reasonable for a dialup connection. But now…it takes like an eternity for downloading a single page, it is not encouraging at all, not to say how disgusting it is during times when mail is to be urgently checked or something…
Well a lot of cribbing, I guess….
Today my hair was the talk in class; Kd and Rama were trying new hair dos on my hair during lunch hour. Pretty funny.
Yesterday was Nandy’s birthday, so today she had brought 2 lunch boxes of VegB and rava kesari, yummy. I always love Nandy’s mom’s culinary delicacies, especially her Pav Bhaji…
On Saturday, I and priya visited the annual Niligiris cake show at the president hall. This year’s major attraction is the Titanic ship cake (Jack and Rose were on the cake too, But God only knows why Rose wears a Bindi…).I expected a lot of cream and stuff, but all that was there were sugar , hardened sugar, the structures looked almost stony, not a bit of soft cake-like appearance, or anything spongy.
Well got to sleep now, bye.

Thought for the day:
We shall overcome, we shall overcome, we shall overcome, some day, Oh deep in my heart, I do believe.

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