Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Year’s Eve

Here is the last day of this eventful year, 2004.It was eventful for me personally and otherwise too, some good and some not so good.
Anyway the wheel of time is rotating, as always and we go up and down with it…
That’s for the philosophical part of it…
I was thinking about New Year resolution and stuff. I never ever believed in it. If you are going to take a resolution why do you need to wait till an occasion? It needs to be taken then and there when you feel you are for it. I’ve also heard New Year resolutions don’t last long. It cant. It is a simple psychology. I don’t want to elucidate on that.
We got a subject called DSP, handled by Mr.Sudhakar. He says DSP is an acronym for “Degree Stopping Paper” in other colleges, whereas in our college it is “Doing Something Phenomenal”. No comments.
KD almost confirmed that we were going to have a New Year party in her new unoccupied house, but her GRE prep has come in between, so some other time…. She decided and got our appointments on 1st of January, 2004.
Today we had a series of speeches in the Prof Com hour. Guys are so chauvinistic. That is sick. But there is a golden rule they are forgetting. That’ll be the thought for the day today…
So happy New Year folks…
Thought for the day:
A place, where women are not honoured, will never see prosperity

In fact this quote is substantiated by the Tamil epic, Silapathikaram which says one of the three truths for a life is “Uyarndhor pathiniyai yethuvar”.

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anand said...

"Doing something phenomal" was nice.
But knowing what something to do requires phenomal work.May be this was passed.
I think this chauvinism is a word to be erased from the dictionary .
I can say a punch dialogue like this,the one word I never liked in english was chauvinism.
If you think a little deep you can find that it is politics at its highest level